About Prue Urlwin, Christchurch Psychologist

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As a Christchurch, Registered (Child and Family) psychologist, I have worked with children and their families for more than 15years and my specialist area of interest and expertise is with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and giftedness and the worries/anxiety that can follow SLD. I am experienced and skilled in cognitive and specific learning needs assessment and report writing with a practical approach. I also work with mental health issues, anxiety, depression and behavioural concerns. 

Parents have good intuition, if they make an appointment there is always a valid concern that we can work on together. I work alongside families to make sense of what is happening and support them by sharing information and learning strategies and by looking at the big picture so that they can move forward.

I practice Mindfulness and incorporate this into my practice and teach and practice this with families and children/adolescents as it suits. My approach is flexible to fit each family including an ecological, developmental, positive stance and cognitive behaviour therapy and psychoeducation. I have a particular interest in neuroscience which is ever-changing. There are apps today that families can work with to support their children particularly with worries, low mood and other mental health areas.

I also worked with Lynn Berresford in Auckland and alongside many opportunities, I worked with gifted, twice exceptional, and talented children and their families.

Before moving to Auckland I worked in Christchurch for several years with children and their families with mild to severe learning difficulties, this included dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD/ADD, dyscalculia.

I am experienced in assessments for NZQA examination accommodations extra time, laptop, reader/writer.

I also offer counselling/intervention strategies with CBT, mindfuness and positive parenting. I work with individuals, parents and families to help with, for example, behavioural problems, sleeping, food issues, anxiety, mood, relationship concerns or any other queries you have regarding your child. My practice is based on a 'scientist-practitioner model' as research is the foundation of my work. This means that I use what is known to work and to be helpful. The aim is to work together to make goals, positive changes and workable solutions.

My office is within the Selwyn House School, which is easily accessed off Papanui Road in Merivale Lane and has parking facilities.


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